1. The MMM’s price point could be about price of|the price of} a online game console, with no assembly required. It would appeal to the categories folks who|of folks that} purchased their electronics at places like Walmart and workplace provide shops. In January 2009 the trio based MakerBot with $75,000 in seed funding, including $25,000 from Bowyer and his wife, Christine, to promote the CupCake as a kit for folks to assemble. “It rode the coattails of MAKE journal and got attention from the media, who all loved Kids Shower Caps it and all talked about it,” says Rockhold. “The thought was to make a small batch of these so folks can make their very own RepRaps, and that first batch bought so fast,” says Stultz, who labored for MakerBot from December 2011 to April 2012.


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